Sell to Account Zero Integration


This guide is meant to enable Simplex partners to initiate “SellCrypto” transactions quickly, to the end-users Simplex Banking . This integration doesn’t require any back-end development and all the partner needs to do is to add a link \ button to redirect the user to Simplex Banking Sell-Widget.

Information Required from the Partner

# Action Item Description Mandatory \ Optional
#1. Fee Please provide the desired fee you wish to charge the end users, in percent. Please note this fee is on top of the fee charged by Simplex Mandatory
#2. Crypto Wallet Address Your public crypto wallet address to which we will send your fee. Only relevant if your fee > 0% Optional
#3. Logo Your company logo over a transparent background. This will be placed on the checkout pages. Please note that the URL must be available over the internet Optional
Integration Process

Add a link or a button to your platform, that will redirect the user to Simplex “Sell-Crypto” widget.

Sandbox URL:<partner_ref_id>
Production URL:<partner_ref_id>

Referral Identifier

Your unique referral ID, will be provided by your Simplex representitive during the integration.
The ID will allow Simplex to identify the partner and by that, load the relevant configuration. Failing to include the ref ID in the redirect URL, will cause a default widget to show, instead one that is configured for the partner (including logo, fees and more).